New Housekeeping Product Raises More Than Just Eyebrows

New Housekeeping Product Raises More Than Just Eyebrows

By providing housekeepers with a dramatically improved ergonomic approach to their daily routine, the Atkinson BedLift® simultaneously decreases costs while increasing efficiency and room cleanliness.

Atkinson Ergonomic Solutions, Inc. has entered the hospitality market with a new product that is generating a lot of industry buzz. The Atkinson BedLift® allows a housekeeper to safely and single-handedly raise the heaviest beds with ease. The list of benefits of working on and around a bed when it’s raised up and away from the wall are many. The bed will stay in the raised position until the user simply nudges the bed toward the headboard, then steps back and watches it slowly and gently lower itself back to the floor.

Once raised it allows for 360º of access around the bed to clean areas never before accessible and it makes tucking in sheets far easier, particularly at the head of the bed where nightstands usually hinder that task. With the bed raised above and away from nightstands, the perpetual need for rotating mattresses will no longer require two maintenance men. The BedLift is pre-assembled at the factory to make installations simple, taking as little as 20 minutes for an individual or 15 minutes for a team of two. This all steel device is built, tested and guaranteed to withstand daily use for 20 years. An optional locking mechanism will lock the BedLift in either or both the raised and lowered positions.

The Atkinson BedLift® is available in a Retrofit model that will attach to Standard Steel bed frames, Hospitality Style bed bases and Platform bed frames of all sizes. There is also a BedLift Platform Combo that includes a built-in Platform, and a BedLift Bed Base Combo that comes with a built-in bed base frame.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, calling it a “device that takes pain out of changing bed sheets — especially for hotel workers”. Lou Weeks, executive vice president of UNITE HERE Local 1 (the housekeepers union) said “repetitive motion and back injuries are common among room attendants who can make as many as 32 beds in a single day.” A study titled Occupational Injury Disparities in the U.S. Hotel Industry published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine 2010, showed hotel employees have higher rates of occupational injury and sustain more severe injuries than most other service workers. And housekeepers had the highest overall injury rate and the highest rate of musculoskeletal disorders. The study concluded that immediate action is needed with respect to the control of hazards to housekeepers, especially those stressing the upper extremities. Weeks said “anything a hotel can do to reduce the repetitive motion and relieve the musculoskeletal stress would be an improvement and cut down on time off work and workman’s compensation claims. We believe (the BedLift) would be extremely beneficial.”

The Atkinson BedLift® can be seen in booth #5381 at the upcoming HDexpo in Las Vegas, May 15-17, 2019.

The Atkinson BedLift® is a product of Atkinson Ergonomic Solutions, Inc. A manufacturer of ergonomic housekeeping products based in Naperville, IL. For more information please visit or call (312) 857-8259.


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